Business & Share Valuations

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, raise finance, or just want to know what your business is worth, our experienced team can provide an accurate valuation using tried and tested methodology.  There are a number of valuation methods and we will match the right one to your business, considering the asset base as well as its ability to generate cash and profits. 

Common methods used to value a business include:

  • Multiple of profits (price earnings) – Assessing future maintainable after tax earnings using a price earnings ratio to match the risk profile of a willing buyer/seller.
  • Asset based – Using the fair or open market value of the assets and liabilities.
  • Discounted cash-flow – Discounting future expected cash-flows by an appropriate discount rate.
  • Dividend yield – Assessing the future dividend levels and a yield which would match the risk profile of a willing buyer/seller.

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